In Mackay and elsewhere in the world child custody, marriage, divorce, and adoption all fall under the jurisdiction of family law Mackay. And any issues regarding family relationships are ably represented by lawyers specialised in family law. Property agreements and court petitions are some of the legal documentations handled by family law lawyers.

Family law Mackay lawyers also specialise in other forms of family law including emancipation, paternity, and adoption. It is because almost all aspects of everyone’s life deal with family issues. The sensitivity of family issues makes it imperative to consult with a trusty lawyer specialising in family law.

Some of the legal terms commonly used by family law include:

  • Paternity pertains to the descent of a father as a way of establishing the identity of the biological father
  • Emancipation involves a court procedure allowing a minor to become self-supporting and in charge of their personal welfare. A minor declaring emancipation means that he/she is no longer dependent on their parents.
  • A Prenuptial agreement is a contract made between a man and a woman before they marry. The contract usually stipulates that future rights to their individual properties are given up in the event of death or divorce.
  • Family law decrees that one spouse is liable to support the financial needs of the other when they separate or divorce.
  • Marital property is a conjugal property that is subject to division between spouses when they file for divorce.


Why Family Issues need help from a Family Law Lawyer


Family law covers a broad range of legal issues that needs help from an experienced family law lawyer. The sensitivity of family issues requires that all members get fair protection and representation.

You need to talk with the leading family law firm for professional guidance and assistance when you find yourself in any of these situations:

Foster/adoption care

The varied state laws, the type of adoption, and the origin of the child are just some of the complex issues involved in the adoption/foster care process. The complexity of the process needs help from a family law lawyer to make it seamless and stress-free.


Divorce is such an emotional process between a man and a woman. A settlement is a better option for the couple than going to trial. The skill and experience of family law lawyers come into play as they propose custody, support, visitation rights, spousal support, and the division of marital property.

Paternity issues

Paternity cases often happen when a woman needs to secure financial support from an absentee father. Yet, fathers also file paternity claims when they want to establish a relationship with their children. DNA testing is the ultimate determinant of paternity cases.

Child support/child custody

Child support and child custody cases are part of the divorce proceedings whether settled amicably or through the court. However, revisions can happen with the child support/custody agreement due to the financial situation of the non-custodial parent.

Domestic violence

Situations involving assault, harassment, and stalking of one partner to the other are viewed seriously by family law. Family law ensures that protecting the victims of domestic violence is always important.

Consulting with a family law lawyer is the best way for a victim of domestic violence to stop it altogether.


Getting married is a legal agreement between two people that needs preliminary planning. Securing a marriage license is important because of its limited validity. Working with a family law lawyer ensures a smoother wedding celebration.









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